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really emo right now because i miss michael so much so should i restart this blog with all michael?????

#allstar weekend #michael martinez #astro safari usa #asw

wow it feels weird to post on this account.


i have a huge favor to ask of all my cleveland adubbers

so long story short i need the setlist from the cleveland ohio (blossom music center) date of warped this year.

i saw a picture of it on here ages ago but it disappeared?

but if any of you can please find it and send it to me please i’ll love you forever

it’s lame but it’s really special and important to me ok so please someone help ive been scrolling the tag (and crying) for hours and no luck

#allstar weekend #asw #adubb #ohio #cleveland #warped #warped 2013 #setlist #Dillon Anderson

this might be our last post ever (we love yall)

so it seems there’s some unnecessary drama going on and i just wanna try clearing some stuff up since everyone’s all sad and confused??

so from their post this is what i’ve gathered

  • they still love that they were able to be allstar weekend, but they really want to do a new project and not have people go “oh that was allstar weekend? ugh im not listening to that disney band”
  • PLEASE don’t double tag posts. they want this to be like a brand new thing. if people are tagging allstar weekend in the, you know, tag, then thats just “giving away their identity”. they want to start fresh and avoid that allstar weekend name/sound and if people keep tagging new stuff as allstar weekend, that won’t help at all.
  • its okay to be a fan of both (hell, i am) but we can’t just throw them together since theyre the same guys (except dillon i still love you oops). examples: fall out boy’s hiatus — people werent calling patrick stump fall out boy or talking about the black cards as fall out boy. they all did new things and just wanted people to appreciate their new music.
  • they love us. they want the best for us. they don’t want people listening to the new band only because “its allstar weekend with a new name and new sound”. it’s not. they’re creating something brand new. they want people to be able to say “hm who’s this new band? i like it!” rather than “since its allstar weekend ill still listen to them even if i dont like them”.

i hope this doesnt come off bitchy. i in no way intend for it to. but i just want fans to realize that it’s totally ok to be upset that they broke up and not like the new band or to love the new band. just don’t double tag because that defeats the purpose.

we loved blogging for you guys these last few months. you’re all fabulous.


#allstar weekend #ps brent is good looking