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so tomorrow i’m gonna be a mess but since it’s the last day as allstar weekend im just gonna make a queue of all the drafts we have left (its like 21 or so pictures of god knows what).

it’s been a great journey. thanks for all the love along the way(:

((by the way you should still be bffs with us and follow our new blog for the tragic thrills))

#allstar weekend #the tragic thrills #cries #zach porter #michael martinez #cameron quiseng #brent schneiders #dillon anderson #its been fun #lots of fetus allstar tomorrow

okay so i’m completely confused.

is allstar weekend seriously charging $60 for a meet and greet?

does that include hugs and kisses and a mini concert and signing?

(exaggerating obviously)

but seriously if anyone has more info, let us know.

ALSO we’re really trying to book an interview with the guys and were wondering who we would have to contact? and if anyone has already scheduled an interview, how did it go?

#a ton of questions but please answer #allstar weekend #michael martinez #brent schneiders #zach porter #cameron quiseng #dillon anderson #warped tour